Alexander Mamontov

A unique event of 2020 took place – International Productivity Week in a digital format.
More than 400 participants. Several interaction formats. Not only a conference, but also a workshop and a championship, and a project competition. 5 days of activity. Dozens of speakers from different countries and continents. Nornickel is the general partner! 134 people from Norilsk Nickel took part. Victories, prizes. All held in a virtual space. Translation into 3 languages, participants from different continents. This has definitely not happened before! Thank you so much for the experience!

Inna Traud

Thank you for your courage and passion. Once again, you have rekindled the team spirit in us, which has subsided in connection with the pandemic. You showed us that if there is a goal, that obstacles only provoke and stimulate the development of new opportunities, the existence of which, at times, we do not even know.

Alexey Samoshilov

Now I know for sure: the world has changed and will never be the same! The international industrial conference IPWeek 2020 for hundreds of participants from different continents looked like a TV broadcast of Channel One, live, with teleconferences and translation into three languages! Congratulations on your digital conferencing tech drive! To the entire organizing team, my admiration for the super digital space! I am sure that the future belongs to the new digital format!

Olga Ryzhuk

I express my sincere delight and gratitude for the wonderful and useful days at IPWEEK 2019!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come and speak at a professional conference.
I would like to express my gratitude for the special atmosphere of trust that was created by the efforts of the organizing team. The visits to the enterprises facilitated personal communication and friendly contacts with the participants. In one word, the event is worth coming to again, and this is a shared opinion of our colleagues with whom we exchanged opinions and impressions.
It is worth noting the high level of preparation and comprehension of the material by both speakers and listeners. It is very important that the issues discussed were considered from the point of view of methodological, research and logical approaches. Veronica Denisova’s speech for me turned out to be very valuable in terms of the richness of the research material and the level of relevant information. In times of more and more cargo cults appearing and pseudo-managerial practices in business taking place, Productivity Week is a breath of fresh air!

Alexander Lisoy

During our visits to the enterprises, we looked at the organization of the production system, including the chain of interaction of robots with people, and noted down examples of using lean manufacturing tools that can be used in our production facilities. For example, I really liked the Andon notification system, which informs about a problem that arose in the chain. It was also interesting to listen to reports of enterprise representatives from different countries who spoke about innovations, tools that they introduced to improve productivity, robotics and automation. This experience was undeniably great. There was a lot of useful information.