International Productivity Academy

In our modern world new professional knowledge and skills often become obsolete, even before they have fulfilled their application. This is the reason why we created a fundamentally new intellectual space that presents a unique opportunity for the managers to not only gain better experience, but also to conduct reliable research in the fields of management, engineering psychology and ergonomics.

We integrate interactive teaching methods into original benchmark programs, which allows our students to learn from the best worldwide industrial experience and further analyse and improve their skills.

Our successful projects include
corporate MBA programs
international internships
conferences and benchmark seminars
workshops at the production sites
project trainings

An international team of researchers at our academy provides customers with a necessary foundation for creation of a corporate culture, personnel training and development, and construction of a wage system.

Our mission is to contribute to enhancing the productivity and economic efficiency of companies, to achieve a high quality of living and to encourage a balanced development of human potential, which we believe is at the base of the world’s social well-being.

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